About Me!

I suppose I need to write some stuff about myself here then... I've been interested in all sorts of dance music for a long long time, making up my own "mixtapes" etc from the age of 12. I had a brief spell with digital mixing around 99/2000, using 2 Winamps, a pitching plugin and tracks ripped off CDs. The mixing wasn't really fab at first, but I threw in some good tunes which people were enjoying!

For a few years I continued collecting all sorts of dance music, including a lot of rare bootlegs etc, but didn't really produce any mixes for public consumptions. Around 2004 I decided to get my mixer back out and get back into the swing of things. Still concentrating on digital, I got myself Virtual DJ Pro and a "DJ console" mixer/controller. With practice came some early mixes, some of which I gave out to friends, but mainly just to amuse myself in my car. Eventually after doing a few parties etc, I started uploading mixes and enjoying positive the responses they seemed to get. I then progressed to Serato / CDJs (Pioneer CDJ800mk2) with timecodes and doing a few more parties/functions as well as regularly doing internet radio shows.

I would really like to get the chance to do some more gigs and would love a residency, so if you enjoy the mixes and have any contacts please do give them a nudge for me!.
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